This year marks the 12th Annual Poage Landing Days Southern Fried Cone Fest slalom skateboarding race (Cone Fest 12 for short). Cone Fest has become a staple not only of the Poage Landing Days Festival, but also of the slalom skateboarding circuit at large, bringing competitors from around the world to Ashland for two days of intense competition. This year will be no different and dozens of skateboarders will again converge on Ashland to see who is the fastest skateboarder of the weekend.

This year’s schedule is as follows:
Saturday will host the Downtown Drag Race where racers will race in a head to head format in matches based on qualifying times. Racers and spectators can expect shorter course with cones 5 and half to 7 feet apart. Practice will begin at 9:00 with qualifying starting at 10:30. This will in on 17th St in the middle of the Poage Landing Days Festival.
Sunday will have the Mule Farm race on Ramey Street. Racers and spectators can expect much faster single lane races with the fastest times dictating the winners of the race.

For those unfamiliar with slalom skateboarding, it is much like slalom snowboarding or skiing where racers navigate through an obstacle course of gates.

For more information, please check out the race’s Facebook Page and racers may sign up at